Economos recognized as Top AFR Accounting Firm

5. February 2020

Economos  Business  Accountants  Listed  in  AFR’s  Top  100  Accounting   Firms of 2019

Economos has once again graced the Australian Financial Review’s list for the top 100!
This is great news for our team here at Economos and also for you–our valued clients.
After all, our place on the list serves as a testament to our commitment to you and to
making sure the accounting services you enjoy are among the best in the business. The list
itself also helps us to draw some very interesting conclusions about the state of the
accounting field today, as we move into a new year and a new decade.

What Makes Economos Stand Out from the Crowd?

So, what criteria do the Australian Financial Review use when judging which accounting
firms to place on their list? To begin with, all listed firms provide a high quality of service to
their clients, going above and beyond to meet their needs as they evolve and develop.
However, the AFR has stated that only the most innovative and forward-thinking of firms
have been awarded with a place on the list. The AFR has also said that they are keen on
rewarding the efforts of accounting firms that have expanded beyond the traditional
boundaries of auditing and taxation work. These firms are providing higher-margin
consulting work and are striving to optimise the position of clients across a number of

A New and Evolving Set of Services from the Best Accounting Teams

There is a serious market for this kind of higher-margin consulting, andthe growth in
revenue experienced by the top 100 accounting firms demonstrates this.The top 100
accountancy firms grew their revenue by 9 per cent in 2019, reaching a cumulative total of
$12 billion.
This growth reflects the Economos team’s own experience. We have been working togrow
and to diversify what we offer to our clients, including expanding the following services.

CFO Advisory

We have noticed an increasing number of business clients searching out advice and
support that could be offered by a CFO, so we have developed services designed to meet
this need. Our services cover the establishment of key operation and financial KPIs, risk
management, crafting effective budgets, and more.
To learn more about Economos CFO Advisory please click here”.

International Compliance Advisory

Many of our clients find themselves expanding their operations overseas, which is great for
their business and for their future prospects but brings with it further complications.
International regulations can be difficult to follow, and staying on top of them–as well as
being fully compliant–is critical if business owners are to thrive in these new and exciting
 “To learn more about Economos International Compliance Advisory please click here”.

Tax Advisory

Our tax advisory services offer expert help at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house
At Economos, we are proud of these and of all the services we provide, and we are very
happy to have been included on the AFR’s prestigious list for another year.
To learn more about Economos Tax Advisory please click here”.