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“We’ve got a great reputation for achieving great work as tax accountants for businesses in Australia and abroad”

Small Business Tax

Our years of experience helping Sydney businesses with taxation lodgement, tax planning, property tax and tax audits ensures you are speaking and relying on expert accountants. We work with businesses of all sizes—from sole proprietorships to subsidiaries of global corporations—to ensure accurate records and compliance with every government tax statute. With a network of partners worldwide, we even can tackle tax accounting for businesses who have expanded abroad.

Economos Tax Accountants Get Things Done

We start before the tax season even begins. We take a good look at your company’s structure, its workings, its revenue, and its expenses. With that information at hand, we create a custom tax strategy for your business that sets you up for a smooth tax season. As experienced business tax accountants, we can find a plan that will minimise your tax obligation legally through discovering hidden areas where you can save on unnecessary tax payments maximising your cash flow or helping you invest the surplus back into your business. At Economos, we ensure that you pay the proper amount of quarterly tax, so there’s less chance of an audit come tax time. Furthermore, if you’re a smaller company who attempts to do your own taxes, your small business tax often is higher than it could be if you engaged one of our experienced Economos accountants to manage your tax planning.

Business Tax

Business tax regulations are complex—and remaining compliant whilst ensuring you minimise your tax burden is a challenge for most businesses. If you don’t choose a business tax specialist, you could be missing out on opportunities to earn more revenue, create innovative products and services and partner with other businesses to create value for your customers. Not having the right business tax accountants to work with could mean unnecessary extra years of working hard rather than working smart to earn more profit, manage risk with the ATO and build wealth.

Property Tax

At Economos, we look for ways to minimise your property tax burden for the properties that you have invested in. We take a holistic approach to assessing your business goals and developing a property tax structure to ensure your portfolio reduces your taxes through optimising your deductions, helping you meet your overall investment goals. Helping you increase your profit and business investments is our ultimate goal, so we look at strategies that will reduce your tax liability and review the best options when it comes to considering whether renting or selling your property will reduce your tax burden and maximise your potential investments.

Tax Audit

With each passing year, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) conducts audits on tax returns that arouse suspicion in the officer handling the return. Working with Economos tax accountants, your business is less likely to undergo an audit when their tax specialists complete your company returns. There are still some situations that cause the ATO to take a second look. Economos will take care of the paperwork, communicate with the ATO, and anything else you might need.

ATO Tax Disputes

If your business has a dispute with the ATO, you need an expert tax accountant to intervene to negotiate an outcome that satisfies both you and the ATO. Tax disputes can be quite stressful and to lessen that stress for you while you are running and growing your business you need to rely on tax specialists that have the knowledge of both tax legislation and your financial situation. By doing so, this will also increase your chances of success and give you peace of mind. Don’t face the ATO alone in your tax dispute. Feel free to contact the Economos tax accounting team to advocate for you.

Capital Gains Tax

On your annual income tax returns, you must list—and pay tax on—any capital gains you have made on sales of assets or your business, less the total capital losses you have sustained. Calculating capital gains tax (CGT) can be complicated —especially for companies with jointly owned assets. The expert accountants at Economos can look over your investments and see if you are eligible for a rollover or any other exemptions or deductions. They will also review any missed opportunities with assets and CGT payments you own in different countries.

International Tax

Whether you’re an Australian company who would like to expand your business overseas or a foreign company wanting to set up shop here in Australia, our international tax experts here at Economos can help. With a large network of international partners, we can help you navigate the tax system in most of the world’s countries. Whether it’s cross-border tax, income taxes, or other taxes, we’ll untangle all the paperwork to get your company off on the right foot. For those businesses who want to expand to Australia, our Sydney-based tax accountants can help foreign companies understand the Australian tax system, comply with all the statutes, and lodge your taxes when tax season comes.

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