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“Sydney businesses turn to us when they face business challenges. We help them conquer their challenges and discover new opportunities through a wide range of advisory services.”

Business Advisory Services by Economos Accountants (Sydney)

At Economos, we provide Sydney businesses with a team of highly qualified professionals with expertise in a wide range of industry sectors. We believe that if we understand your industry, we can provide expert advice relevant to your business requirements. To help our clients achieve their goals, we also partner with a wealth of external agencies, such as lawyers, brokers, bankers, liquidators, trustees, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies.

Our corporate advisory teams lend their expertise to help businesses with complex accounting and other issues, such as tax compliance, capital recovery, forensic investigations, insurance, risk management, internal audits, real estate operations, international compliance and business advisory, CFO advisory, management consulting, and innovation.

When you engage Economos to create a winning business strategy, we start by assessing your needs, your challenges, and your goals. To conquer those challenges and meet those goals, we offer a fresh perspective—another few pairs of eyes—to help you take your business to the next level. Practical advice combined with an innovative plan can get your business where you want it to go.

With a comprehensive slate of advisory services, you know your business will be in good hands when you choose Economos.

Our Business Advisory Services Include:

Management Consulting

Our wide-ranging approach to management consulting starts with an assessment of where your company is now—and where you want to go. Then, we zero in on your challenges and identify opportunities that will help you solve problems and forge ahead. Our strategy combines digital analytics, corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions to streamline your organisation and operations to make them more efficient, upgrade your technology, and create a better marketing strategy, develop sustainability, and give you room to grow.

International Compliance & Advisory

For clients who want to expand their business overseas, or for those who already operate in another country, Economos has the experience, connections, and knowledge to help them navigate local tax codes, cultural differences, residency requirements, language translation, business laws, customs requirements, and other complex issues that may arise when doing business overseas. Our involvement with an association of in-country partners can help you achieve compliance with tax codes and other local statutes to reduce risk, reduce costs, and free your hands to build your business.

Tax Advisory

Australia’s complex tax regulations change with every passing year. With our tax advisory team’s wide-ranging corporate tax experience and our company’s continuous learning culture, we keep abreast of all the latest developments to help our clients achieve compliance with tax codes and develop a sustainable tax strategy for the long run.

CFO Advisory

Finding effective solutions to complicated financial challenges, our CFO advisory team puts its many years of experience to use to discover ways to create better outcomes and sustainability for our clients.

Insurance & Risk

Our insurance and risk teams work to minimise risk and decrease the likelihood of claims by identifying situations that increase risk, educating our clients how to reduce those risks, and finding proactive ways to increase safety and health in every department of our clients’ companies. We find our clients the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective insurance solutions to protect them from loss relating to liability, employment issues, loss of profit from unexpected situations, and property damage, including digital property. We also find solutions for personal insurance risk for wealthy individuals and business owners and their families.

Internal Audit

When your business needs to look inward to find, assess, and minimise risks, you need a strategic advisor that can help you conduct an internal audit that assesses processes for efficiency and identifies risks. You need an experienced advisor that’s more than just an accountant. You need the internal audit team at Economos. Our teams can identify both risks and areas in which your business can improve, helping you to cut costs, optimise workflows, and forge ahead of your competition.


Finding tomorrow’s solutions today fuels Economos’ innovation teams. Encouraging your internal teams to explore new ideas, creating cross-functional teams that look at challenges from a variety of perspectives, and discovering cutting-edge technology that can make your workflows more efficient, our teams help your company become leaner, more agile, and more effective in its work.

What Our Accounting Clients Have to Say

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Looking for an Accounting Firm that Looks out for Your Business?

Economos is more than just an accounting firm. We are an advisory service firm that guides businesses on business strategy, insurance and risk, innovative solutions as well as financial and tax strategy. Our mission is to help your business grow its tomorrows with effective business strategies today.

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