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“Our role at Economos is to provide an environment which allows our clients’ businesses to excel.”

Economos, Leading Chartered Accountants in Sydney CBD

Based in Sydney, Australia, Economos Chartered Accountants have been delivering a diverse range of business advisory and accounting services since 1978. Over the course of our 35-plus years in business, we have demonstrated our ability to provide real accounting solutions that meet our clients’ business needs. By assisting our clients in the effective management of their finances, we help lay the foundation for their ongoing success.

Whatever your business accounting requirements may be, from tax returns to complex trust accounting, we will provide the highest level of strategic advice, attention to detail, and sterling customer service. We will get the job done—and done well—so your business can excel at what it does best.

Business Accounting Services

Business Tax (GST, BAS, Tax Returns)

With Economos Sydney accountants at your side to untangle all the complex provisions that come with GST, BAS, and tax return preparations, you’ll have more time to spend building your business. Our Sydney business tax accountants keep up with every development in Australia’s complex tax code, allowing you to sift through all the requirements and arrive at the most cost-effective tax solution possible.

Economos’ team of business tax accountants make it their business to understand yours, so they can structure your business to comply with every aspect of GST, BAS, and IAS requirements, assisting you with preparing and lodging all the paperwork for each.

With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience helping clients in Sydney and throughout Australia, our business tax team can give you all the advice you need, even with the most complicated taxation matters. We help you with tax planning and lodgement, prepare you for audits, and provide advice that will keep you compliant and prepared for changes in the tax code. We can help you resolve thorny tax disputes, satisfying both you and the ATO in the process.

Most importantly, we tailor solutions to your unique needs as a business, whether it is in structuring your business to provide greater asset protection, providing international tax advice if needed, and meeting the changing tax requirements as your business evolves through the years.


Economos’ advisory team can help your business find strategies that grow your business through solutions tailored to your unique needs. With years of experience providing businesses with competitive advantages that elevate them to industry-leading status, we help you reach and exceed all your goals.

End-to-end business advisory services from Economos always include a careful assessment of your company’s history, your current operations, and your future objectives.

Then, we advise you on how you can reach those objectives most efficiently, including mergers, acquisitions, divestments, restructuring, joint ventures, partnerships, capital management, governance, shareholder issues management, equity, acquisition financing, debt raising, capital raising, growth strategy, and much more.

Audit & Compliance

Economos provides its clients with audit and compliance advice whose foundation lies in its own long history of financial services, as well as in its extensive knowledge of each business it serves. We keep abreast of each development in tax codes, reporting requirements, and best practices to keep you compliant with every aspect of Australia’s complicated web of business statutes.

Whether it is preparing your annual financial statement, preparing all your tax returns, or creating strategies that streamline your business to make it more cost-effective while remaining compliant, our audit and compliance teams stick by your side.

Internal audits, fraud investigations, statutory, government, and company audits, as well as due diligence—we have a broad range of experience in them all. We bring that experience to bear to provide timely, proactive audit and compliance services for every client we serve, whether their business is large or small.

Financial Statements & Reporting

With Economos’ financial statements and reports in hand, Sydney-area businesses can see at a glance where they need to go to trim costs, improve cash flow, and grow their business. Whether it is to meet legislative requirements or for your own use, a financial report gauges the health of your business like nothing else.

Our teams of experienced accountants provide a wealth of reporting services, ranging from preparing a financial statement to assessing your balance sheets and income to streamlining your business’s financials. We can manage all your financial reporting to ensure that your business is compliant—and that you have all the performance data you need to make critical decisions.

Cloud Accounting

Economos’ cloud accounting system provides businesses with a huge advantage over traditional reporting, storage, and analysis methods. Cloud-based accounting allows you to store and analyse more data than ever before, since you don’t need file cabinets or even your own server for storage. Your data resides on a huge network of remote servers, all connected to form an ocean of data.

Cloud storage employs leading-edge security measures to keep security breaches at bay. Those who store data on the cloud experience fewer attacks than those who use on-premise environments for storage, due to the extra care cloud platform builders put into their systems. Designed for enterprise businesses but available to smaller ones, these cloud-based storage platforms are rock-solid. Economos uses only the finest and most secure cloud solutions to store your data.

Cloud-based accounting gives you real-time insight into your business’s financials, providing you with all the tools you need to inform every decision. Time-saving measures, such as automated bank feeds, fast payroll modules, streamlined invoicing and inventory management, and multi-user capabilities slash hours from your workload, saving you money while providing you with world-class security and storage.

Payroll Services

With all the complexities of payroll processing, you need a better solution than taking care of payroll in-house. Payroll processing takes valuable time from your teams that could be better put to work in areas more crucial for your business success. At Economos, we handle payroll services for a wide range of businesses with varying needs, saving them time, money and hassle in the process.

Our services put technology to work for you, creating an efficient system that streamlines payroll management, managing superannuation, tax reporting, payments, and leave entitlements to ensure that your business is 100 per cent compliant.

Reducing your costs and freeing up your time is well worth a few minutes of your time. Give us a call to see how our experienced payroll services team can help your business manage its payroll more efficiently.

What Our Accounting Clients Have to Say

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Need an Accountant That Understands Your Needs?

With a wealth of experience that spans the years, our accounting team knows that the most important aspect of providing world-class accounting services is understanding a company’s unique financial position and needs. We take the time to get to know your business from the ground up, so we can provide you with the best service possible. Ring us today for a fresh outlook on your finances.

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