“With a team of specialists with deep public sector experience, Economos can help government agencies stretch precious resources and deliver better service to their constituents.”

Transformative, innovative solutions to governments’ challenges are needed today like never before. From dealing with resource shortages to trimming fat off overgrown bureaucracies, government agencies need to become leaner and more efficient. Economos’ team of public sector accounting experts can help agencies do just that. Our experience making private sector businesses thrive combined with our experience in the public sector can help government agencies get work done.

Advisory Services for Government Agencies by Economos

Government agencies face a bushel basket of challenges. Dealing with political upheaval, unpopular regulatory requirements, burdensome bureaucracies, and economic changes make it difficult for them to provide outstanding service to the people of their nation, state, or locality.

One thing a government agency can do is to hire advisors to transform their agency into an innovative place whose first order of business is to provide better service for their constituents. Economos works with government agencies at all levels to provide strategic, informative advice that can help them trim off the fat, satisfy all the stakeholders involved, and provide attentive, efficient service for the people they serve. Having built deep, long-term relationships with government officials, the Economos advisory team has the expertise to create lasting solutions.

Public Sector Administration Advisory

In the public sector, agencies need measurable, tangible outcomes to succeed and continue their work. Whether funded by the federal government, by state, or by local councils, a government agency needs to prove its effectiveness to those to whom it reports. Our administration advisors can provide agencies with both the means to achieve reduced costs, higher revenue, and fewer risks and ways to measure the outcomes. More effective planning, better security, and cutting waste with streamlined processes creates better outcomes, while internal audits can measure the agency’s progress in achieving its goals.

Assurance and Audits

Since government agencies ultimately answer to the people, dependable, accurate audits are the only way they can detect fraud, discover waste and duplication of services, and identify areas in which they are exceeding their goals. Economos’ team of chartered accountants can deliver quality audits that provide up-to-the-minute, actionable information to agency leaders and their funding bodies.

Transaction Advisory

Like businesses, government agencies need to make transactions that save them money and provide superb service and quality. Whether it’s a federal or state agency that provides food to those without adequate income or a council housing inspector checking for building safety, government agencies depend on finding quality goods and services. Our transaction advisory team can help agencies mitigate risk by purchasing quality equipment and consumable goods, as well as hiring subcontractors whose work is exemplary, all for fair market prices. In addition to procurement, we can also assist in the disposal process. For example, when an agency upgrades a piece of equipment, we can help the agency raise funds by selling that asset.

Tax Advisory

Governments need both accountability and efficiency in their tax management. With Economos’ experienced tax advisory team and innovative technology, agencies can reduce the likelihood of disputes. To do so, we help taxation agencies measure compliance more accurately With sophisticated tax data analytics and policy advice, we can help agencies better do their work. Internally, we can help agencies comply with employment and indirect taxes as well.

CFO Advisory Service

Government agencies are notorious for bloated spending. With the help of a CFO, however, an agency can trim its expenses and boost its cash flow. Most government agencies, especially at the state and council level, cannot afford a CFO. With Economos’ CFO advisory service, your agency can enjoy the same services you would have with an official CFO, but at a drastically reduced cost.

Accounting Services

With Economos’ team of chartered accountants, your agency can receive insightful service from people with extensive public sector experience. Whether it’s due diligence or financial transactions, our accounting service can help.

We offer financial statement audits, policy and program evaluation and monitoring, financial compliance audits, new accounting technology implementation and training, fraud mitigation strategy and training, non-financial audits, including environmental compliance, fraud investigations, and governance evaluations—and more. Trim the excess and run a leaner, more efficient agency with an Economos accountant at your side.

What Our Government Clients Have to Say

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