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Economos Family Advisory team helps families first plan and achieve family financial goals whilst growing and preserving family wealth for generations to come.

Accounting for Families

With proactive wealth creation and management strategies, the family advisory team at Economos helps families set financial goals, achieve those goals, and then grow and preserve the wealth they have worked so hard to gain.”

With a long history of advising its clients about financial planning and wealth management, Economos takes a proactive approach, looking at the future to set in motion a plan that will help families create and preserve wealth through the generations. We offer personal financial planning, wise tax strategies, and investment advice, including SMSF management, to help our clients’ wealth grow through the years.

Advisory Services

If you’re tired of dealing with compliance and tax issues, tired of trying to find a more efficient way to do billing, keep records, and do payroll, you will benefit from advice from one of our Economos advisory professionals.

Our industry-specific services zero in on the areas that challenge you most, whether they be tax and compliance issues, general accounting issues, or workflows that waste time. After we get to know you , we’ll recommend a course of action that will get you on track to grow your wealth.

Accounting Services

Families who want to create and maintain wealth do themselves a huge favour when they engage the services of Economos accountants. To create a financial legacy that lasts through the generations takes expert accounting advice—for their tax minimisation strategies to spending analyses and wealth accumulation advice. With a wealth of experience providing expert accounting services to families and business all across the Sydney area, our accountants will help your family get on track towards robust financial health.

CFO Advisory

When you think of your family as a corporation, it becomes apparent that financial leadership numbers among its most critical needs. Economos’ team of financial advisors, many of them former CFOs, can serve as your family’s ‘chief financial officer’ to guide your family into better wealth creation and preservation strategies. From helping you design a budget to tracking spending and finding better investment plans, we can steer families towards financial success.

Tax Advisory

A wise tax strategy is essential for any family who wants to create and preserve their wealth. At Economos, our experienced tax advisors can help you structure your tax strategy to minimise your tax burden legally. Whether it’s capital gains tax (CGT), taxes on foreign or investment income, or land tax, we create a plan that will help you retain more of your money. When it’s tax season, we can prepare and lodge your tax returns, standing with you with expert assistance and negotiation in case of an audit.

SMSF Advisory

At Economos, your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) will be in good hands with our specialised team of SMSF advisors. We can prepare your annual financial statement, prepare and lodge your fund’s annual income tax return, conduct an audit of your SMSF through an independent audit team, prepare your member benefits statements, provide you with investments reports full of information to help you see how your investment is doing, set up your account-based pension, and provide unlimited advice as superannuation rules change over the years. Or those who need to set up an SMSF, we can take care of everything, from finding a trustee company, structure it for optimum wealth creation, adding trustees, and registering the SMSF with the ATO. When it comes time to wind up (close) your SMSF, we will help steer you through the often-complicated process with ease.

Financial Planning

Specializing in helping you create and preserve your wealth, our financial planning team looks to assist you with easy-to-understand advice and up-to-date knowledge about your investments’ performance. We’ll sit down with you to customise a wealth-building plan that includes your goals, maximises your resources, explains the risks, and creates a tax strategy that will best preserve your wealth to help you meet your family’s financial goals.

Wealth Preservation

Families want to preserve their legacy down through the generations. That includes their wealth—a gift they worked so hard to earn—a financial legacy they can pass down to the next generation. At Economos, we take the time to get to know your family, and then create a customised wealth preservation plan that will protect your assets through strategic intergenerational planning, estate planning, and a system that structures your assets for optimum preservation. Whether it’s a trust or tax strategies, our wealth preservation team can help your family build and maintain its wealth for years to come.

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