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Economos can help time-poor medical professionals with financial and business advisory services that can cut costs, boost revenue, and create a more efficient practice.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals dedicate their days to helping patients feel better. Since they devote most of their time to providing quality patient care, they have little time to take care of the financial and organisational ends of their business. Economos can help time-poor medical professionals with financial and business advisory services that can cut costs, boost revenue, and create a more efficient practice.”

Economos provides accounting, business, and tax advisory services for some of the Sydney area’s finest medical and dental practices. Whether it’s keeping accurate, complete financial records or preparing and lodging tax forms, we can help your dental or medical practice reduce waste, save time, and make cost-effective decisions that will grow the practice.

Advisory Services

If you’re tired of dealing with compliance and tax issues, tired of trying to find a more efficient way to do billing, keep records, and do payroll, you will benefit from advice from one of our Economos medical practice advisory professionals. With years of experience helping medical and dental practices build sound financial foundations and create effective business plans, we can help set your practice on the right course. You’ll have a more cost-effective business and be able to spend more time doing what you love—helping patients.

Accounting Services

At Economos, we tailor your accounting strategy to your unique practice. We get to know how your business operates, look at your payroll, and see what you pay in taxes. We’ll look long and hard at your operating expenses to see where you can make cuts or eliminate waste. We’ll discuss your future plans and see where we can find ways to help you generate more revenue to grow your practice.

CFO Advisory

We offer dental and medical practices—no matter how small—the chance to have all the benefits of a CFO without all the cost. Our CFO advisory service can prepare monthly, yearly, and long-term budgets, create reports, and help you find the financing you may need for future expansion.

Tax Advisory

At Economos, we take a year-round approach to tax advisory. Although we do take care of everything from preparing to lodging your taxes, what you do during the previous year can help you save money come tax time. Our tax advisors will look at every aspect of your business to help you save money. We’ll look for ways to optimise your deductions, track your expenses, and find every way we can to minimise your tax legally. If the ATO decides to audit you, we’ll stay by your side every step of the way, whether it’s negotiating with ATO officers or settling a dispute.

Audit Services

Medical and dental professionals are often surprised when we conduct internal audits for their practice the first time. Though they and their staff work hard, there is often a lot of wasted time and material that they could reduce through a more efficient workflow. Spending on equipment is another area in which most practices can reduce with more prudent budgets and spending controls. In an Economos audit, we’ll take a look at every area in your practice to help you streamline your workflow, eliminate wasteful spending, and find ways to produce more revenue.

Business Advisory

Physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals are experts in patient care but often have little time to spend on their business. Finding cost-effective marketing services, finding new ways to attract patients to the practice, and discovering new services to offer can all help build the business side of your practice. As you put our advice into practice, you can save more money that you can pour back into your business to help it grow.

Technology Advisory

Before they came to us, most of our medical and dental clients had all the latest technology for their profession. Yet they still used outdated payroll, billing, and other business practices that wasted valuable time for them and their staff. At Economos, we offer cloud accounting, a secure accounting solution that powers up the business side of your practice. With it, you can automate payroll and billing, do real-time analyses of your spending, and create a better plan for your practice’s future.

What Our Clients Have to Say

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Need an Accountant That Understands Your Business?

At Economos, we take the time to get to know you and your business. Only with this approach can we provide you with custom tax, accounting, property, and business solutions that best fit your needs. If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter approach to accounting, we need to talk. Get in touch with the Economos team today.

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