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“When it’s time to retire, you need a team of wealth management specialists to help you transition to retirement with confidence. At Economos, our retirement planning team will help you do just that. ”

Sell Your Business and Retire in Comfort with Economos

Exiting your business—even when retirement is on the horizon is also an emotional time of life. “Selling my business is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” say many of our clients as they prepare for retirement. Our wealth preservation experts understand. We’ll help you through even the heart-wrenching side of turning your business over to a younger pair of hands.

Not only is selling your business an emotional experience, but it can be frustrating as well. Reams of paperwork come with business sales, as do complex legal procedures. Tax law, business regulatory statutes, and other factors complicate matters as you prepare to exit. With a wealth of experience in handling the paperwork involved in business sales, the professional advisors at Economos can help you navigate through all the regulatory fog to help you exit from your business in comfort.

Wealth Preservation

One of the main concerns business owners have come retirement time is preserving their wealth. At Economos, we partner with you at every stage of your business to make sure that your plans will result in your meeting your wealth preservation goals. We take a careful look at your business and your current financial situation to create a custom plan to preserve and manage your wealth to ensure a comfortable retirement. When you put us in charge, you can relax and enjoy what you love doing best.

Tax Advice

When you sell your business and retire, there are several approaches you can take to minimise your tax burden and maximise your retirement income. To do so, you need savvy tax advice—advice that comes from years of experience helping business owners just like you. At Economos, we combine our more than thirty-five years as accountants with leading-edge training on current developments to help you find the best tax strategy for you.

Exiting or Selling Your Business

Selling your business to make a transition to retirement can be a difficult task. Not only have you invested your money in your business, but if you’re like most businesspeople, you have invested your heart as well. We understand that, so we help you adjust by taking most of the arduous paperwork upon our shoulders, so we can help you create a succession or exit plan that works best for your situation. We’ll look at comparable businesses, establish a price, and work with you and your buyers’ solicitors to achieve an optimum return.

Trustee and Estate Services

Protecting your wealth to pass on to the next generation is a goal most business owners and individuals make a priority. Our estate planning team can help you set up a trust to minimise your taxes and maximise the benefits your loved ones will realise after you pass away. Our team can even administer your estate to take the burden off your loved ones’ shoulders. With prudent estate planning from Economos, you can enjoy your retirement with confidence, knowing that your loved ones will have a better future, thanks to your prudent planning.

Retirement Planning

Don’t put planning for your retirement off until the last minute. The younger you are when you begin your retirement plan, the better chance you’ll have to turn your dreams into reality. Business owners, with all their responsibilities, often put off retirement planning too long, causing them to rush into a plan that is less than optimal. Instead, take the time to meet with an Economos financial planner. Set some retirement goals, and we’ll work behind the scenes to make them happen. We’ll look at your situation and create a custom plan that will help you exit from your business, plan for succession or sale, and furnish you with the funds you need for a comfortable lifestyle during your retirement.

Financial Solutions

When preparing for retirement, business owners find that planning ahead is the best way to forestall challenges as they sell their business or turn it over to their successors. Financial solutions that combine effective, prudent retirement planning with readying the business for sale create the best-case scenario for an effective retirement plan. Ensuring that your company’s financials are in order, optimising the legal documentation, and looking at all the tax implications for the sale help you get the best price for your business and optimise your retirement income. At Economos, we work with you to provide custom financial solutions that work best with your situation to give you a comfortable retirement, free of worries.

What Our Business Clients Have to Say

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