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“With the complicated web of tax and reporting obligations, businesses need experienced tax advice to help them rise to the challenge. We supply that advice—and much more.”

Conquer Your Accounting and Tax Challenges with Economos

If the thought an audit gives you the cold sweats, you’re not alone. That’s why Economos takes a proactive approach to all our accounting and tax preparation for our clients. Our team of accountants keep up with all the latest developments in government reporting requirements, as well as with changes in other legislation involving your finances. We take a proactive approach to handling your finances in everything from preparing and lodging your taxes to helping you resolve ATO disputes, should they arise.

Our team has years of experience helping clients just like you sort through complicated accounting tax issues, including ATO negotiations, tax objections, and all the specialised taxes and situations businesses face, such as CGT, GST, SMSF, payroll tax and much more.

Income Tax and Audits

At Economos, we take a proactive approach to income tax. After we conduct a thorough overview of your company, we create a customised plan to help you minimise your tax obligation through a carefully crafted strategy. When tax time comes, we can prepare all the forms and help you lodge them, giving you more time to focus on your business. If you are audited, we will manage the audit on your end, acting as your representative in any disputes. We also provide business tax audits that allow you to foresee any potential problems and correct your course accordingly.


Goods and services tax (GST) laws get more complex with every passing year. Our accounting team keeps up to date with all the latest developments to make sure you have the correct advice for your business. We can help you register for the GST system, file and adjust your GST returns, and help resolve any disputes. Capital gains taxes (CGT) also can become complicated, especially as your business grows. We can help you organise your capital gains or loss worksheets, help you calculate your obligation, and add it to your income tax when time to lodge your taxes.

SMSF and Payroll Tax

We help our clients prepare for retirement with world-class service, handling everything from recordkeeping to audits, contributions, and advising them on investment decisions. After we look at your finances, we help you create a custom SMSF strategy that will maximise your pension while minimising your tax obligation. Economos also helps businesses manage their payroll taxes, special state taxes on wages you pay your employees that exceed a certain threshold.

Trusts and Deceased Estates

You’ve worked hard to make your business successful. We can help you set up and maintain a trust that will help protect your assets to benefit others. Though trust administration and documentation can be complicated, our team of accountants will help you structure a trust that will minimise your taxes as well as bring benefit to those for whom the trust is created. We also can handle the administration of your estate or those of your loved ones. With Economos, you know your estate will be in the right hands.

Relationship Breakdown

Whether the breakdown is between two individuals in a family setting or between individuals in a corporation, the complications do not stop at personal disagreement. Sorting out the assets and percentage of business interests takes a well-trained accountant to untangle. Economos Accountants will oversee the process, working with legal and other professionals to ensure that the settlement is fair to all parties involved.

Shares and Investments

Our financial advisors can help you achieve your goals through creating an investment strategy that will provide additional income to build your wealth. Whether you invest in shares in companies, managed investment funds, government stock, corporate bonds, or other investments, we can help you choose a strategy that fits your financial goals, minimises risk, and creates an extra stream of income. After you choose your strategy, we will help you manage your portfolio to achieve higher earnings and minimise taxes.

What Our New Business Clients Have to Say

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Need a Better Business Accountant in Sydney?

At Economos, we take the time to get to know you and your business. If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter approach to accounting, if your accountants are not being proactive enough with forward-thinking accounting, property tax, SMSF and wealth strategies then we need to talk. Get in touch with Economos Accountants in Sydney team today.

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