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Econ Insurance Services specialises in developing Group Insurance and Business Insurance solutions for corporate clients, along with Personal Insurance plans for business owners and professionals.
Based in the Sydney CBD, our partnership with Economos Chartered Accountants and Econ Financial Services enables us to offer expert, multi-dimensional insurance advice and support.
We aim to continue to grow to be a leading provider of corporate and group insurance advice in Australia.


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Econ Insurance Services (“EIS”) was established in 2016 as a collaboration between Economos Chartered Accountants, Econ Financial Services and EIS Managing Director, Sam Perera, an established leader in the financial services industry with extensive experience as a financial adviser and company director.

Our focus is on providing a risk advice solution as part of a multi-disciplinary  accounting and financial advice approach.

Our clients derive from a wide range of industries, including legal and professional services firms, pharmacy networks, health organisations, manufacturing and technology companies.

Our company focus is based on three pillars: providing highly personalised service; staying ahead of developments in the insurance and corporate world; and maintaining the highest levels of ethics.

  • As a stable, dedicated and diverse team, we are able to deliver exceptional levels of service, with our team members personally knowing each of our clients.
  • Through our extensive network of corporate and community contacts, we stay ahead of financial, regulatory and corporate developments, and use this to provide opportunities for our clients.
  • As leaders in the industry, we firmly believe that ethics and integrity are paramount in driving success and loyalty.


Econ Insurance Services Specialist

Sam Perera

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